Bible Commentaries as Research Aids

Bible Commentaries as Research Aids

Hekman Library has many Bible study tools, including a wide variety of Bible commentaries - both single volume and in multi-volume sets. Commentaries explicate texts verse by verse and often give you cultural context, so you can discover what the original meaning and intent of the author may have been. 

A single commentary will generally attempt to give a coherent and unified view on the Bible as a whole from a distinct perspective, such as Catholic, Reformed (Calvinist), or Methodist. In multi-volume commentaries, each volume will lean toward the personal emphasis of its author, and there may be great variety in the critical or theological strength of each volume.

Our theological librarian, Luge Schemper, has created an expansive Guide on Bible Commentaries that will answer any questions you may have about the library's holdings.

Keep in mind that some commentaries may be found in the Theological Reference area (4th floor), but others are shelved in the general circulating collection.


- Posted October 24, 2014 by Remington Steed (9:12 AM)