Treasures of Hekman Library

Treasures of Hekman Library

The Hekman Library is rightfully proud of our rare book collections - precious volumes that date from the early 1500s, unique and valuable periodicals, books by Calvin authors through the decades, and more. These more than 8,000 volumes are housed in a spacious, temperature-controlled storage area behind the Heritage Hall Reading Room. There are policies in place for use and viewing of the books. In order to protect them and make sure they are carefully preserved for years to come, the rare books may be used only in the Heritage Hall Reading Room. Heritage Hall staff can help you find the books you require and acquaint you with the rules (some listed below). Heritage Hall's open hours are Monday - Friday, 8am-5pm.

General rules regarding the use of rare books:

  • Note-taking should be only in pencil.
  • Foam cradles can be provided to preserve fragile binding.
  • Velvet "snakes" and glass paperweights may also be provided to gently keep a volume open to a specific page.
  • Photocopying any portion of a rare book is generally prohibited. Photos of rare books may be taken, but flash photography may be used only with permission.

For information and questions about the rare book collections, feel free to contact librarians Paul Fields or Luge Schemper or archivist Dick Harms.

- Posted April 22, 2014 by Kathy DeMey (4:11 PM)