Hekman Library Quick Facts for Students

Hekman Library Quick Facts for Students

Q: How long may I keep items from the library?

Q: How many items may I have out at one time?

  • A: 50 books at a time; 5 media items at a time

Q: What do you charge for late items?

  • A: 3 day grace period, 4th day $1.00, additional days .25/day

Q: What's the quietest study floor?

  • A: There are quiet "zones" marked on each floor. Most students say that 5th floor is the best for quiet study.

Q: May I eat and drink in the library?

  • A: Food may be eaten on 2nd floor away from the computers. Food is not allowed on floors 3, 4 and 5. Drinks may be consumed on all floors if containers have lids.

Q: Are computers & printers available in the library?

  • A: Yes! We have the Digital Research Center (DRC) on the 2nd floor, with two laser printers and 22 computers. We also have public computers and printers (as well as multifunctional devices that will scan, copy, and fax) on the other floors.

Q: Are there job openings in the library?

  • A: There may be. The library has at least 9 supervisors and hires about 40 students each semester. Our student workers tend to come back year after year. Fill out a job application and find out what's available.

Q: Do you have "just-for-fun" reading?

  • A: We do! We have a recreational reading collection on the 3rd floor with lots of current, popular, award-winning authors featured. Come and have a look.

Watch one of the Research Desk Assistants talk about her impressions of the library - study spaces, the personality of each floor, and more.

- Posted August 28, 2013 by Kathy DeMey (2:08 PM)