Hekman Library Quick Facts for Students

Hekman Library Quick Facts for Students

Q: How long may I keep items from the library?

Q: How many items may I have out at one time?

  • A: 50 books at a time; 5 media items at a time

Q: What do you charge for late items?

  • A: 3 day grace period, 4th day $1.00, additional days .25/day

Q: What's the quietest study floor?

  • A: There are quiet "zones" marked on each floor. Most students say that 5th floor is the best for quiet study.

Q: May I eat and drink in the library?

  • A: Certain foods may be eaten on 2nd floor away from the computers. Food is not allowed on floors 3, 4 and 5. Drinks may be consumed on all floors if containers have lids.

Q: Are computers & printers available in the library?

  • A: Yes! We have the Digital Research Center (DRC) on the 2nd floor, with two printers and 22 computers. We also have computers and printers on the other floors.

Q: Are there job openings in the library?

  • A: There may be. The library has at least 9 supervisors and hires about 40 students each semester. Our student workers tend to come back year after year. Fill out a job application and find out what's available.

Q: Do you have "just-for-fun" reading?

  • A: We do! We have a recreational reading collection on the 3rd floor with lots of current, popular, award-winning authors featured. Come and have a look.

Watch one of the Research Desk Assistants talk about her impressions of the library - study spaces, the personality of each floor, and more.

- Posted August 29, 2013 by Kathy DeMey (2:08 PM)