Calvin History Department Blog Historical Horizons

Calvin History Department Blog Historical Horizons

Historical Horizons is a new blog launched by Calvin history professor Will Katerberg. Why this blog now? Will writes, "It’s because the historical profession and higher education are in a state of flux. Some of this flux is creative, with scholars doing exciting new work. Some of it is destructive, as colleges and universities respond to a changing higher education market."

History professors at Calvin and others will share stories in the blog about new ways of teaching history that are in touch with our times. (Read about history professors Kristin Du Mez and Bruce Berglund, who are doing some very creative things to capture their students' imaginations and energies!)

The blog will deal with foundational questions such as "What is history for?" and "What should historians study?" It will include announcements of new books published by Calvin faculty and others in the field.

Katerberg hopes that Calvin students, alumni, colleagues around the world and "anybody interested in the past" will find this blog interesting and useful.


- Posted February 07, 2014 by Kathy DeMey (4:39 PM)