Oxford Handbooks

Oxford Handbooks

Oxford Handbooks provide original essays by leading researchers covering the key issues in the humanities and social sciences. The handbooks illuminate their fields of study by providing critical surveys of current scholarship. The Oxford Handbooks series is unique because each volume offers the original ideas of the leading scholars in each field: in each article, scholars survey the current state of their field and critique the direction of the most recent and relevant debates.

Oxford Handbooks cover a wide variety of study within the humanities and social sciences, including classical studies, economics, law, literature, music, political science, psychology, and religion. The handbooks total 450+, and Hekman Library owns nearly one hundred of these titles.

The Hekman Library’s collection of Oxford Handbooks is particularly strong in the areas of religion and theology. Here are just a few of the Oxford Handbook series’ unique and contemporary areas of study:

Oxford Handbook of Christianity and economics

Oxford Handbook of feminist theology

Oxford Handbook of religion and violence

The Oxford Handbook series is geared toward graduate students and scholars. It provides authoritative perspectives on a multitude of topics, and original ideas about the progress of each field and where research is headed in the future. Check one out at the Hekman Library today!

- Posted August 12, 2014 by Kathy DeMey (1:39 PM)