Get a Charge in the Library

Get a Charge in the Library

Gone is the need for long charging cords for your mobile devices, which fill the aisles, trip people up, and don’t quite reach your study table. The library provides courtesy charging stations for students.

Currently there are two charging stations, one on the second floor near the Digital Research Center (DRC, pictured on the right) and the other on the third in the Recreational Reading area. There's a tower (no cables) on the third floor, also, where the new books are on display. (This one was purchased by Student Senate, by the way!) There are many USB charging ports on floors two and five on study tables. These can be used to charge both laptops and phones.

Keep in mind that while your phone is charging it's a good idea to stick around. You may get a phone call and the ringing or vibrating may disturb those who are working nearby. 

Stop in and charge up!

- Posted September 22, 2017 by Kathy DeMey (1:00 PM)