A Packed Library - It's Exam Time

A Packed Library - It's Exam Time

Where can you find a quiet place to really focus and study during exams? Where can you study with your friends and count on an atmosphere that will promote concentrated study? How about a place to snatch a quick nap before plunging into exam prep? Hekman Library is here for you.

Hekman Library has four floors, each with its own "personality." The 2nd (main) floor tends to be our noisiest floor, but people still like to flock there during exams. They can see their friends studying and it acts as an encouragement. Also, they know they can talk loudly and not get shushed.

3rd floor is pictured on the right. This floor is extremely popular during exams. It's quieter than 2nd, yet there are many people there studying mostly in groups at the large tables.

4th floor is popular because of its group study rooms and spaces. If you want a room all to yourself, you can find it on the 4th floor. If you want to carve out a space in a large room for your team to plan and share ideas and you need a white board, markers, etc. - 4th floor. 4th can also be a very quiet floor, because it's where the seminary students hang out.

Undergraduate students typically say that 5th floor is the best study floor. This may be because of the abundance of natural light and the variety of study spaces - individual carrels, large tables, comfortable furniture. There are some attractive out-of-the way nooks and crannie, too, for the person who doesn't want to be interrupted. 

So, you have a choice. Come and pick your spot!

- Posted May 16, 2017 by Kathy DeMey (3:32 PM)