Hekman Receives Valuable Donations

Hekman Receives Valuable Donations

Many have read about the recent donation of reproductions from James Audubon's famous "Birds of America," but another significant donation has recently benefitted the Calvin community.

This past year, two former philosophy faculty donated their libraries to Hekman.  Nicholas Wolterstorff and Alvin Plantinga together donated nearly 2,000 volumes that have been used to supplement the library collections on the Knollcrest and Handlon campuses. Some titles have been added to the Philosophy department's Jellema room.

Several boxes of duplicates will also make their way to the seminary housed in Angola Prison in Louisiana, which served as a model for Calvin's Prison Initiative. 

Wolterstorff, (retired in 2002 from Yale University), taught philosophy at Calvin from 1959-1989, and Plantinga, (Calvin Professor Emeritus), taught philosophy at the college from 1963-1982 before returning in 2010 to again teach in the Philosophy Department.

Hekman Library and the Calvin community thanks them for their generous donations!

- Posted April 27, 2018 by Kathy DeMey (2:37 PM)