Library Welcomes Student Learning Librarian

Library Welcomes Student Learning Librarian

In Amanda's own words:

"I am thrilled to be joining the Hekman Library staff at Calvin College as the new Student Learning Librarian. I earned my Masters in Information Science at the University of Michigan and worked for two years at Western Theological Seminary in Holland (WTS) before taking this position.

Ever since I was an undergraduate student, I've loved the library and the written word - what worlds open up between the covers of a good book and how the world expands before us. But how we learn to navigate and explore this ever-growing country of knowledge can be tricky, and we all struggle to make sense of the things we read and view these days. As a librarian, it is my calling to help students find and use information well. I'm excited to explore ideas and partnerships with people all around campus to make the library an even more welcoming, fun, helpful place.

What else do you need to know about me? I'm an easy-going, Jesus-loving, Mexican American bookworm who's always up for a chat and maybe a spot of tea! In my free time, I sing in the Grand Rapids Symphony Choir with my dad, and I enjoy crafting scrapbooks and hand-made greeting cards. I'm also getting married this July, so you will soon see me appearing with a new last name. I hope you'll stop by my office in HL201 to say hi!"

- Posted June 12, 2018 by Kathy DeMey (4:32 PM)