Library and Information Science Jobs Picture

Library and Information Science Jobs Picture

The librarians at Calvin have experienced an increasing interest on the part of undergrad students for LIS careers (Library and Information Science). The Library and Book Trade Almanac, 2018, has a section on library employment and career advice. Graduates from LIS programs say that they are experiencing faster placements and earning more money than in the previous year.

The average salary for starting library positions (all types of libraries, all regions) is $51,798 (2016) up from $48,371 in 2015. The highest paying libraries are in private industries and the lowest paying are public libraries. 83% of all graduates get full-time jobs upon graduation, although around 13% of those find jobs outside of LIS.

Where do these graduates come from? More than 2/3rds are under 36 years old, and more than half are making their first venture into a professional career. Just under half say they've worked in libraries before they graduate. Some are pursuing career changes. These older job seekers come primarily from education fields, but others come from business, law, and publishing/writing.

Job satisfaction is high, particularly among public librarians and school librarians. Satisfied job holders say they like their good salaries and beneifts, pleasant working environments, and supportive co-workers and managers.

- Posted August 15, 2018 by Kathy DeMey (10:19 AM)