Library Liaison Program

Librarians are assigned to academic departments as indicated below. A printable brochure about our liaison program is also available.

Discipline Contact Person
Art and Art History Sarah Kolk
Africa and African Diaspora Francene Lewis
Asian Studies Francene Lewis
Biology Lois Dye
Business Katherine Swart & Sarah Kolk
Chemistry and Biochemistry Kathy DeMey
Classics Katherine Swart
Communication Arts & Sciences Sarah Kolk
Computer Science David Malone
Congregational & Ministry Studies Paul Fields
Dutch Francene Lewis
Economics Katherine Swart
Education Lois Dye
Engineering David Malone
English Sarah Kolk
French Francene Lewis
Gender Studies Kathy DeMey
Geology Geography & Environmental Studies Kathy DeMey
German Francene Lewis
History David Malone & Paul Fields
International Development Katherine Swart
Kinesiology Francene Lewis
Mathematics and Statistics Katherine Swart
Nursing/Medicine Lois Dye
Music Kathy DeMey
Philosophy Sarah Kolk
Physics and Astronomy Sarah Kolk
Political Science Paul Fields
Psychology Kathy DeMey
Public Health Lois Dye
Religion Paul Fields
Social Work Paul Fields
Sociology Paul Fields
Spanish Francene Lewis
Speech Pathology Kathy DeMey