Research Skills

Librarians offer customized research instruction for any class or subject. Typically, a librarian will create a research tools guide customized to your research assignment. The librarian can also visit your class for 30-45 minutes and demonstrate the tools and give opportunity for hands-on practice. (Examples of class-specific guides: Biology 394 - Biotechnology, CAS 352 - Communications Ethics, Business 396 - Strategic Management ). Instructors often report improvment in the quality of assignments.

Interested? Go to the Liaison Program web page to discover which librarian works with your department. All we ask is about a week's notice!

(You may of heard that students receive this knowledge in English 101. Its true that in every English 101 section two to three hours are devoted to  research instruction. However, that knowledge is rudimentary - enough to generally orient students to the library and its resources. Customized research instruction goes beyond those basics and introduces students to the advanced and specialized research tools of a discipline.)