Student Advisory Group

The SAG is an informal advisory group that assists the library staff in creating a better library experience. If you are a regular user of the library's web site, tools, collections, or services, we encourage you to join. The SAG meets twice a semester either on a Monday or Wednesday in the late afternoon for an hour. There is no long-term commitment; attend as many meetings as you want. Refreshments, of course, will be provided!     

The next SAG meeting is on October 13 @ 3:30 in Hekman Library 306D

Possible discussion questions (Besides the questions you have):  

  • Do students feel safe in the library?
  • Is noise a problem?
  • What is good and bad about the library's web site?
  • How difficult is finding electronic journal articles?
  • What do your friends say about the service offered by the library staff?
  • If you could change one thing, what would it be?
  • How can the library staff recruit students for focus groups?