Gale's Literary Index

Hekman Library owns the following titles in print, which can be found in the Reference Collection on the second floor.

African American Writers, 2nd ed. (also own 1st ed.)

PS 153. N5 A344 2001 V. 1-2

African Writers

PL8010 .A453 1997 V. 1-2

American Nature Writers

PS163 .A6 1996 V. 1-2

American Writers Retrospective Supplement

PS129 .A55 RETRO SUPPL. 1-2

American Writers Supplement

PS129 .A55 SUPPL. 1-

American Writers: The Classics

PS129 .A56 V. 1-

Ancient Writers

PA3002 .A5 1982 V. 1-2

Asian American Literature

PS 153. A84 A82 1999

Authors in the News

CT 215. A8 V. 1-2

Beat Generation: A Gale Critical Companion

PS228 .B6 Z68 2003 V.1-3


Z1033.B3 B44 V. 1 (5th fl)

Black Literature Criticism

PS 153. N5 B556 1992 V. 1-3

Black Writers

PS 508. N3 B56 1994 V. 1

British Writers

PR85 .B688 v. 1-

British Writers. Retrospective Supplement.

PR85 .B688 R.SUPPL.V. 1-2

British Writers. Supplement.

PR85 .B688 SUPPL. V. 1-

Children’s Literature Review

Z 1037. A1 C52 V. 1-

Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism

PN 610. C53 V. 1-

Contemporary Authors. First Revision

Z 1224 .C59 V. 1-44

Contemporary Authors

Z 1224. C6 V. 45-

Contemporary Authors Autobiography Series

PN 453. C63 V. 1-30

Contemporary Authors Bibliographical Series

Z 1224. C63 V. 1-3

Contemporary Authors. New Revision Series

Z 1224. C62 V. 1-

Contemporary Authors. Permanent Series

Z 1010. C65 V.1-2

Contemporary Dramatists, 6th ed.

PR 106. V5 1999

Contemporary Literary Criticism

PN771 .C59 V. 1-

Contemporary Novelists, 7th ed. (also own 1st-6th ds.)

PR883 .C64 2001

Contemporary Poets, 7th ed. (also own 2nd-3rd, 5th-6th eds.)

Z2014 .P7 C63 2000

Contemporary Southern Writers

PS261 .C569 1999

Contemporary Popular Writers

PR 478. P66 C66 1996

Dictionary of Literary Biography (Each volume of the currently 300+ volume set has a unique title. Gale’s indexes each title.)

PN 451. D5 VOL. 1-

Dictionary of Literary Biography Yearbook

PS 129. D5 V. 1-

Dictionary of Literary Biography Documentary Series

PS129 .D48 V. 1-

Drama Criticism

PN 1601. D59 V. 1-

Encyclopedia of World Literature in the 20<sup>th</sup> Century

PN771 .E5 1999 V. 1-4

European Writers

PN501 .E9 1983 V.1-14

Feminist Writers

Z 5304. A8 F46 1996

Gay and Lesbian Literature

PN56 .H57 G36 1994 V. 1-2

Guide to French Literature

PQ226 .L48 1992 V. 1-2

Hispanic Literature Criticism

PQ 6039. H5 1994 V. 1-2

Hispanic Writers

PQ 7081.3 .H58 1991

International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers: Writers and Production Artists, 4th ed. (also own 1st-3rd eds.)

PN1997.8 .I58 2000 V. 1-4

International Dictionary of Theatre

PN2035 .I49 1992 V. 1-3

Latin American Writers

PQ7081 .A1 L37 1989 V. 1-3

Latino and Latina Writers

PS153 .H56 L39 2004 V. 1-2

Literature Criticism from 1400 to 1800

PN 86. L53 1984 V. 1-

Major Authors and Illustrators for Children and Young Adults, 2nd ed. (also own 1st ed.)

PN 451. M37 2002 V. 1-8

Modern American Women Writers

PS151 .M54 1990

Modern Japanese Writers

PL723 .M563 2001

Mystery and Suspense Writers

PR830 .D4 M97 1998 V. 1-2

Native North American Literature

PS 508. I5 N38 1994

Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism

PN 761. N5 V. 1-

Poetry Criticism

PN 1111. P63 1991 V. 1-

Reference Guide to American Literature, 4th ed. (also own 2nd and 3rd eds.)

PS 129 .R44 2000

Reference Guide to English Literature, 2nd ed.

PR 106. R44 1991 V. 1-3

Reference Guide to Short Fiction, 2nd ed. (also own 1st ed.)

PN 3373. R36 1998

Reference Guide to World Literature

PN524 .R44 2003 V. 1-2

Shakespearean Criticism

PR 2965. S44 V. 1-

Short Story Criticism

PN 3373. S389 1988 V. 1-

Something About the Author

PN 451. S6 V. 1-

Something About the Author Autobiography Series

PN 451. S62 V. 1-26

St. James Guide to Children’s Writers

PN1009 .A1 T9 1999

St. James Guide to Fantasy Writers

Z5917 .F3 S715 1996

St. James Guide to Horror, Ghost, and Gothic Writers

Z 5917. H65 S72 1998

St. James Guide to Science Fiction Writers

PS374 .S35 S68 1996

Supernatural Fiction Writers

PN3435 .S96 1985 V. 1-2

Twentieth-Century American Nature Writers (prose)

PN451 .D5 2003

Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism

PN 94. T83 V. 1-

World Literature Criticism

PN523 .W67 1992 V. 1-6

World Literature Criticism Supplement

PN523 .W67 1992 SUPPL. V.1-2

World Poets

PN1021 .W67 2000 V. 1-3

Writers for Children

PN1009 .A1 W73 1988

Writers for Young Adults

PN1009 .A1 W75 1997 V. 1-3

Yesterday’s Authors of Books for Children

PN 451. Y4 V. 1-2

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