BrowZine is a research resource that lets you browse, read, and monitor thousands of academic journals across many disciplines. It can help you keep up with current research in your areas of study by:

  • giving you access to "My Bookshelf," which allows you can create and organize your own personal collection of favorite titles. (Short tutorial)
  • keeping you informed about the scholarly discourse in your area of study and in areas you've not yet explored
  • delivering the complete content of your favorite journals in a format that is optimized for tablet devices
  • sending alerts to your mobile device (iOS or Android) when new issues of your favorite journals come out
  • allowing you to download and save articles for later reading, and share citations over Twitter, or file papers away in citation managers such as Zotero or EndNote.

Some special features like "My Bookshelf" and "Reading Lists" may only be used by those who sign up. Go to the BrowZine landing page and look for "sign up." Use any personal email address and choose a password or phrase. You'll receive a confirmation email. Simply follow the instructions and you're done.

Help for BrowZine users is readily available. There's a knowledge base of articles that address common questions.

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Fulltext available: Journal Articles