Computer Use - Guests

Guests - Computer Use

Use of computers is limited to occasional* use consistent with the purpose of an academic library.

The staff of the Hekman Library welcomes guests who are engaged in research consistent with the purpose of an academic library. The library is an academic resource for students and researchers/scholars in the Grand Rapids community. If you are an area student, researcher, or scholar and anticipate that you will be using the library frequently, please introduce yourself to the librarian at the Research Assistance desk and contact David Malone, Dean of the Library.

Guests may be asked to stop using a computer during times when the library computers are needed by students. The library cannot support guests who monopolize library computers for recreational or non-academic purposes. We request that users who fall into this category voluntarily take their need for computer access elsewhere.

* The library staff reserves the right to define “occasional.” Roughly defined, it is once or twice a week for a few hours each time.

All computers throughout the library are available for non-Calvin patrons to use in accordance with the Hekman Library Computer Access Policy. Computers are located on every floor:

Printing is available from all floors. See our printing policy for details.