1. Who is an “eligible user”?
    1. A person with a valid Calvin College or Calvin Seminary ID
    2. A person who retired from either the college or seminary
    3. A Christian Reformed Church pastor – Active and retired as designated in the current Christian Reformed Church Yearbook
    4. Alumni (with some limitations)
  2. Can alumni use ILL?
    Yes, but there are limitations. Alumni requests are filled only if there is no fee imposed by the lending library. Alumni may request up to five items per year. Items will not be mailed; the requestor must retrieve items from the Hekman Library. Audio-visual items, DVDs, and CDs cannot be requested. 
  3. What is the cost of using ILL?
    Generally, the service is free to eligible users. For several reasons, Hekman Library may be charged a fee by the lending library for an item.
    1. For Faculty, Staff, and Students: If the fees charged by the lending library are excessive, ILL staff will contact you to discuss alternate arrangements.
    2. For Alumni and other eligible users: Requests will be filled only if the items are free.
  4. What is the loan period?
    The loan period is set by the lending library. The due date is strictly enforced with no grace period. To maintain our good standing with lending libraries, please be courteous and return ILL books promptly. InterLibrary Loan borrowing privileges will be suspended if items are overdue or fines are unpaid. 
  5. What is the “turn-around” time?
    The length of time from request to completion is difficult to estimate. Most article requests are completed in less than three days and most book requests are completed in less than six days. But there are many variables that can double or triple the turn-around time. If you don’t receive notification in ten business days, use the ILL Status Request form.  
  6. Need help deciphering a citation?
    1. Visit the Research Assistance Desk
    2. Visit the library’s home page and contact a librarian using one of the Research Help methods
  7. What if I need a book that’s checked out from Hekman Library?
    If the book you need is checked out, you should request the book through MeLCat or ILL rather than placing a Hold on it. 
  8. Can I use an ILL item as a textbook or put it on Reserves?
    Yes, if the item doesn’t have to be returned to the lending library. Generally, ILL books can be kept for only a few weeks, and renewals cannot be assured. So, you may have to return it before you are done with it.
  9. What if I lose an ILL book?
    The lending library will send Hekman Library an invoice and you are responsible for the full cost of the invoice. The Hekman Library lost book fee does not apply in the case of lost ILL books.
  10. Can I get dissertations and theses?
    Before requesting a dissertation or thesis, try searching for the title on the web. This method is often successful for newer dissertations and theses. Otherwise, they are usually located only at the issuing institution and often not available for lending. The ILL staff will attempt to locate a free lending copy. If unsuccessful, you will be given the following two options:
    1. If you want to keep the item, purchase it from ProQuest
    2. If you don’t want to keep it, the library will purchase a paper copy and bind it and place it in the library’s collection. Expect this process to take several weeks. (This option is available only to professors, staff and graduate students.)