David Malone

  • David Malone
  • Dean of College & Seminary Library
  • Hekman Library 306B (Map)
  • (616) 526-6072
  • Dean / Director, Librarian Liaison

More About David

  • Moody Bible Institute, BA
  • Wheaton College, MA
  • Northern Illinois University, MSEd
  • University of Illinois, MS
Academic Interests
  • Technology, particularly in the library context
  • Library user behavior and experiences
  • Nineteenth century American Protestantism
Selected Publications

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"The Christian academic librarian in the technological society," The Christian Librarian 59.1 (2016): 48-60.

"'Raising an Ebenezer': archives as a religious means of remembering." Journal of Theological Librarianship 8, no. 1 (March 2015).

Huttenlock, T. L. and Malone, D. B. "Proving Value and Improving Practice: Using System Data to Analyze User Behaviors." College & Undergraduate Libraries 20, no. 3/4 (July 2013).

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