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Royal Society of Chemistry - Document Delivery

The Hekman Library will pay for articles downloaded from the journals published by the Royal Society of Chemistry. There is a cost to the library for each download, so read the abstract carefully for relevancy.  

Students may either ask a professor to download the article, or email Katherine Swart, Collection Development Librarian, with the article information. If you are using one of the library's research databases the best way to send the article information is to copy and paste the browser address (begins with "sfxhosted.exlibrisgroup") into the email. If you found the article some other way copy and paste as much of the citation as possible. Turnaround time is under 12 hours, Monday through Friday. Expect a longer delay over the weekend.

Professors: Use your Calvin issued credit card to purchase the article. Print out the receipt and process the expense according to your department’s credit card procedure. Be sure to include this note when submitting the credit card expense: “The library will pay for this article. Contact Katherine Swart for processing details."

For more information, contact Katherine Swart.