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Book Recommendations from Student Workers

Book Recommendations from Student Workers

Whatever you're doing this summer, the students at Hekman Library guarantee that a book will make it better

If you're stuck in Grand Rapids taking classes, go on vacation to Middle Earth! And if you're on vacation already, don't let your brain disintegrate until it resembles the sand that you are digging your toes into. Grab a copy of Jane Eyre - it's thought-provoking AND fun. 

For more suggestions, take a peek at the display on the second floor, across from the Checkout Desk. 

Hekman Library's student workers have handled more books than you could read in a lifetime, yet they somehow aren't sick of them. Six students picked their favorite summer reads to share with the community. 

The books suggested by the student workers provide a widely varied selection of quality reading for those lazy summer afternoons. Students recommended classics (Jane Eyre), fantasy adventures (The Hobbit), YA fiction (City of Bones), and challenging contemporary works (Cloud Atlas), among others. 

The display even provides pictures of the student workers so that you can yell at them for wasting your time if you don't like the book (just kidding!!). 

Check it out, and happy reading from the Student Staff of Hekman Library!

- Posted June 12, 2014 by Kathy DeMey (3:53 PM)