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Featuring a Special Collection: Government Documents

Featuring a Special Collection: Government Documents

Have you ever wondered what's on the blue compact shelves on the south end of the 2nd floor? The shelves with the big silver cranks and red push buttons? This is where our government documents collection is stored.

Hekman Library is a selective depository for federal documents since 1967 and a depository for state documents since 2003. We continue to receive some paper documents, but most are in e-format. For the online documents, links are provided within the catalog record.

Some of our documents are rare, so they're shelved in the Rare Books collection. A few examples:

Other documents are particularly notable, like the 1820 Census, a report from the Surgeon General on the hazards of smoking (from early 1970s), and the report of the Warren Commission on JFK's assassination.

- Posted June 08, 2016 by Kathy DeMey (4:22 PM)