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Hekman Library Supports the Arts

Hekman Library Supports the Arts

Calvin College strongly supports the arts, and the Hekman Library collects materials accordingly. The Library makes a point of obtaining materials in various subjects in the arts, from photography to film, sculpture to song, and painting to anime. This is reflected in many of the new acquisitions on the New Books Shelves (3rd floor next to current periodicals). No matter the nature of your artistic inclination, you are sure to find an interesting book! 

Here are just a few of the new books:

A Different Voice, A Different Song: Reclaiming Community through the Natural Voice and World Song by Caroline Bithell, on the social aspects of singing

A Song in the Dark: The Birth of the Musical Film
by Richard Barrios, on the history of the music film in the U.S.

Anime: A Critical Introduction by Rayna Denison investigates the wild, wonderful and often misunderstood worlds of Japan's animation genres

Fashion's Double: Representations of Fashion in Painting, Photography and Film by Adam Geczy and Vicki Karaminas about the world of fashion's psychological and social aspects

- Posted November 08, 2016 by Kathy DeMey (11:45 AM)