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Women and Activism in a Global World

Women and Activism in a Global World

Women have been gathering in the past year to march and make their voices heard on a variety of important issues and concerns. But this is not new. Although 2017 saw some of the largest gatherings of women in Washington D.C. and in other major cities around the world, women have been marching for their causes for many decades. On March 3, 1913, a monumental women’s suffrage march was held in Washington D.C. The first female picketers, who were known as the "Silent Sentinels," protested in front of the White House just a few years later on in January 10,1917. 

Various ethnic groups around the world have formed their own activist movements. Some of these include: American Jewish women, African women, African-American women, Roma/Gypsy women of Eastern Europe, and the Zapatistas in Mexico. Recently, on the same day that women in the U.S. were marching to denounce the actions of President Trump, women in the African country of Togo were marching to demand the resignation of their president.

The mobilization of women throughout the past century and around the world has many causes. From voting and civil rights to #MeToo and "the right to choose," many women are prepared to come together and take a stand in response to issues they are passionate about.   

Here is a list of some recent publications available at the library that showcase women's movements:

- Posted January 31, 2018 by Kathy DeMey (3:09 PM)