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Graphic Novels: Recreational and Educational

Graphic Novels: Recreational and Educational

When you think of graphic novels, do you typically think of superheroes and exciting action-packed narratives?

Batman and Superman are pretty fantastic, but there is also so much more to the world of graphic novels. The library's own graphic novel collection is a testament to the variety and creativity of the graphic novel world. 

Francene Lewis, Head of Collection Management, says that she tries to look for graphic novels that are a little different - perhaps ones that are not necessarily accessible through MeLCat, or ones with interesting subject matter. She's worked with English professor Jennifer Williams to help curate the collection, as well as professors in other departments to see what kinds of graphic novels are relevant to different subject areas. 

With new titles constantly added, the collection is sure to have something for everyone. If you're an English major (or you just enjoy plays), the Shakespearean graphic novels might appeal to you. If you're struggling with math, check out The Manga Guide to Calculus or The Manga Guide to Statistics.

Graphic novels are an excellent way to bridge recreational and educational reading. They are beneficial for visual learners and help bring material to life. Lewis says that the best ones do well with using both pictures and text to tell a story. 

To see the appeal for yourself, stop by the third floor of the library and check out all that the collection has to offer.

- Posted March 16, 2018 by Kathy DeMey (2:51 PM)