Time to Practice Good Self-Care

Time to Practice Good Self-Care

Courtney Zonnefeld, class of 2018 and former library employee, gave her fellow students this advice last year as she was preparing to graduate:

Though self-care can easily become a low-priority task during finals season, healthy routines can actually help students pass exams. Psychology Today’s Ruth White reminds us that the body and memory are interconnected: don’t starve your brain when you’re trying to study, review, and write! Here are some easy ways to stay healthy during a time of extra stress:

  • Snack Time: Pack a healthy snack, like carrots and hummus or a nutty snack mix, to munch while you’re working on that take-home essay. The protein will keep you energized.
  • Take a Walk: Hunching over a laptop for hours can create tension and strain on your body. Stand up and take a quick loop around campus. If you bring your study buddy along, you could even spend the time reviewing!
  • Rest Up: According to Ruth White, 6-8 hours of sleep per night “maximizes memory function and brain function overall.” Set a timer to remind yourself to pack up your things and head to bed.

Here are some additional tips from Ruth White about making it through finals without losing your sanity.

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- Posted April 01, 2019 by Kathy DeMey (6:09 PM)