Coffee Shop - When?

Coffee Shop - When?

You would not believe how many times we get the question, "When is the coffee shop going to be ready?" 

Yes, Hekman Library will boast a coffee shop (Peet's Coffee) on the 2nd floor by the end of April 2019, we hope. The target date is fluid as often happens with construction and remodeling projects. All involved are working hard to be sure that all bases are covered and wise decisions are made. Some have wondered whether the library coffee shop will be a permanent fixture, given campus discussions of a student union/commons. All discussions have reinforced that it will be permanent.

Other stories on the coming coffee shop: 

The coffee shop will be managed by Peet's but staffed by our own student workers. 

- Posted January 10, 2019 by Kathy DeMey (3:53 PM)