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Archon, Online Catalog for Heritage Hall

Archon, Online Catalog for Heritage Hall

Archon is an open-source archival management system in use in many archives around the world. Originally developed at the University of Illinois, it is maintained by a user collaborative. Archon has been adopted at Hekman Library as the online catalog for the holdings of Heritage Hall. It allows for searching of collection inventories, such as the denominational inventory (Christian Reformed Church) and the inventory to the college's records.

Heritage Hall serves as the official repository for records of Calvin College, Calvin Theological Seminary, and the Christian Reformed Church in North America. In addition, Heritage Hall has nearly 600 manuscript collections of personal papers and organizational records. Collections readily provide primary source materials for research in a wide range of disciplines, such as History, Literature, Theology and Political Science.

The photo at the right is of Heritage Hall's rare book room. 

- Posted February 11, 2019 by Kathy DeMey (7:05 PM)