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Writing Co-op (Just Put Words in the Bucket)

Writing Co-op (Just Put Words in the Bucket)

Abraham Ceballos teaches in both the Education and Spanish Departments at Calvin University. The proposed title of his writing project for the co-op is “Narrative Inquiry and Teacher Education: Preparing K – 12 Language Teachers.” He started using narrative methodologies while he was working on his dissertation researching an adult education program in a village in Mexico. Currently, he's working on bringing together insights teaching language and education – specifically the supervision of world language pre-service teachers.

Ceballos' ideas draw from Jean Clandinin and Michael Connelly, who are key proponents of narrative inquiry as a qualitative research methodology. One definition is: “Narrative inquiry is a way of understanding and inquiring into storied experiences through collaboration between researcher and participants, over time, in a place or series of places, and in social interaction with surroundings.” Ceballos says, "By storying preservice teachers' learning we can situate and analyze complex social, personal, spacial, and temporal aspects the preparation of language teachers."

This project will eventually become a journal article.


- Posted July 01, 2019 by Kathy DeMey (5:12 PM)