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Favorite Tradition Comes Around Again

Favorite Tradition Comes Around Again

Students: join your friends and classmates for an evening of writing relieved by study breaks, refreshments, prizes, and the friendly assistance of Rhetoric Center consultants and library research staff. Let us shoulder the true joy of shared misery, as we scribble/type/think/compose/revise. 

This event, popularly referred to as "Write Night" began in the spring of 2016, when Professor Karen Saupe was Director of the Rhetoric Center. (She is pictured on the right working with a student during the event). Following the tradition, Write Night will take place at Hekman Library from 7:00 to midnight. There will be a place to sign up at the main entrance on the library's 2nd floor.

Interesting side note: This tradition of devoting an evening to writing, at a time of the semester when procrastination is no longer an option, started in Germany with a peer tutor at the Europa University Vladrina. They called it “Lange Nacht Der Aufgeschobenen Hausarbeiten," or Long Night Against Procrastination.

- Posted November 11, 2022 by Kathy DeMey (12:10 PM)