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From the Desk of Vicki Hedgecock, Cataloger

From the Desk of Vicki Hedgecock, Cataloger

A cataloger and member of the Collection Management Department, carefully selects "best books" every week to feature on the library's facebook page. The best book selected by Vicki Hedgecock for this season of giving thanks is The Moral Psychology of Gratitude by R. Roberts and D. Telech. Inside there are sixteen never-before published articles on gratitude by leading voices in philosophy and the sciences of the mind. The book is currently on display in our New Books area on the third floor.

It is one volume in a series titled "Moral psychology of the emotions." In the series the emotions of guilt, admiration, disgust, contempt, anger, forgiveness, pride, and sadness are all given book-length treatment.

Catalogers know that "gratitude" can be searched as a subject; it's on a list of approved subject headings in The Library of Congress Subject Headings. Do the search yourself in our catalog and you'll find books in the BFs, BJs, and BVs - specifically BF575, BJ1533, and BV4647. Want to know more about call numbers, subject headings, and why they're important? Ask Vicki the cataloger. She would be delighted to inform you!

- Posted November 20, 2019 by Kathy DeMey (5:35 PM)