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Discerning Fake News

Discerning Fake News

2020 has already been a year packed with momentous news events. With that in mind, Amanda Matthysse, Student Learning Librarian, has created a short video where she discusses how to make sure a news story or news site is trustworthy. 

She cautions that first appearances can be deceiving. It's important to do some preliminary research before clicking "like" or disagreeing with someone on social media. Here are some resosurces that Amanda recommends:

  • Snopes - has been around since 1994 and is run by an independent editorial group. You can submit your own claims to get them fact-checked.
  • Politifact - from a not-for-profit journalism school. Politifact has a truth-o-meter where staff submit claims and then rate them from "true" to "pants on fire!" Here are the latest pants on fire claims.
  • AllSides - a news site that rates claims and sources specifically for political bias
  • Librarians!! We are very skilled at helping researchers of all ages find reliable and trustworthy information.

We also recommend web literacy educator Mike Caulfiled's new book, Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers

(Image taken from USA Today)

- Posted June 23, 2020 by Kathy DeMey (12:54 PM)