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Phase 3 of Our Reopening Begins

Phase 3 of Our Reopening Begins

Beginning Monday, October 5, Hekman Library will open access to the library's 3rd floor. As colder weather has arrived, this will increase seating by 64 seats and allow for group study while maintaining social distancing. Disinfection supplies, (spray bottles and cloths), will be made available for self-service cleaning.

Library users will be asked to continue seat marking with post-its to identify tables that have been used, and thus allow for staff to disinfect during building-wide cleaning.

Access to the building will still require the use of a keycard/ID. The 2nd floor will become a drop-in/unscheduled individual study area, no longer requiring a check-in or reservation process, except for a few study rooms. It is our hope to open the 5th floor in a few weeks after we monitor campus conditions and to see if library users maintain masking and distancing requirements. At this time, the 4th floor will remain closed to university students to keep university and seminary populations separate.

Resources from closed floors can be requested for pick-up through the library catalog (

You can continue to get updates on our reopening page.

- Posted October 04, 2020 by Kathy DeMey (5:11 PM)