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Arguing as Friends

Arguing as Friends

If we look back into history, it's clear that the transfer of power from one president to the next has not always been cordial and/or problem-free. 


  • Buchanan to Lincoln, 1860-61. During this transition seven states seceded. 
  • Grant to Hayes, 1876-77. There were disputes regarding 20 electoral votes in four states, along with multiple allegations of voter fraud.
  • Hoover to Roosevelt, 1932-33. After the election, Roosevelt refused Hoover's requests for a meeting to come up with a joint program to stop the crisis and calm investors, claiming it would limit his options.
  • Clinton to Bush, 2000-01. This transition was shortened by several weeks due to the Florida recount. It was also marred by accusations of damage, theft, vandalism and pranks.

Advice on how to talk and work with fellow citizens with whom we disagree:

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