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Special Tools to Create Personalized Lists

Special Tools to Create Personalized Lists

Have you ever wondered, as you're searching in the online catalog, how to save items so you can return to them later? Maybe you're doing a search on a topic for an assignment, and you want to remember what you found. You might even feel inclined to create several folders or lists of items for later reference, each on a different topic.

There is a way to do this! First log into your account using your Calvin credentials (see "My Account" in the gray bar at the top of our home page). Then, create a name for your list by clicking on "My Lists," (highlighted in orange in the upper right). Next, begin searching for your topic. When you get a number of results, sift through them and decide which ones you want to keep. From the results display or from an individual record display you can save items to your list. They will always be there when you log in.

There's also the "basket" feature. It's like a temporary list. You can place books and other materials in your basket for later reading, listening or viewing. They'll be in your basket until you're ready to check them out. Notice the little "add to basket" icon that shows up next to every item in your search. 


- Posted January 26, 2021 by Kathy DeMey (11:24 AM)