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New Display Features History of Hekman Library

New Display Features History of Hekman Library

We'd like to draw your attention to a new display in the Heritage Hall windows on the nearly 100 year history of Hekman Library. The display features photos, programs, newsletters and other memorabilia from the history of the library from its first location on the "Franklin campus" to now. (Photo here shows students studying in that library, which was dedicated in 1928). When the library moved from Franklin St. it contained around 200,000 materials. Today, the library houses more than 1.2 million items (not counting the special collections). 

The display shows photos of students using equipment that today we think of as almost prehistoric, like the card catalog and microfilm reader (minus the scanner). There are also artifacts from the Meeter Center and Heritage Hall, including the most famous spoof ever written in Calvin's history: The Bananer (published April 31, 1970; follow the link to item #05 for more details).  

The third window tells the story of Conrad Bult, reference librarian at Hekman for more than three decades. The library acquired a children's literature collection from the Bults of 5,000 books from the golden age of children's literature, plus antique toys and ephermera.

Come in, have a look, and discover the rich history and heritage of our library.


- Posted April 12, 2021 by Kathy DeMey (4:13 PM)