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Copyright Can Work For You

Copyright Can Work For You

Hekman librarians have been learning more about copyright as Calvin University adds more online courses. In helping our users, we've encountered two extremes: those who are overly cautious (not aware of the rights that they have, which, for educators, are quite broad); and those who have little concern about copyright, but have a vague sense that they need to care about it.

We have created  "faculty resources" on our website where we address commonly asked questions such as "how do I link from the course management system to articles in databases?" "Where can I find free images?" and "Am I allowed to digitize an entire book to use in a course?" Each situation is different and has to be assessed based on an individual's circumstances, needs, and comfort with risk. 

We are here to help. For faculty, the first step is to consult with your liaison librarian; students may contact any librarian, who can then refer them to a staff person with more indepth information, if needed.

Some recent books on copyright that might interest our users:

There are many excellent, free online resources on copyright, particularly those created by university personnel who specialize in the area. One of these experts is Sara Benson, Copyright Librarian at the University of Illinois Library. She has her own copyright podcast and has also created some basic videos and a copyright reference guide, if you'd like to learn more.




- Posted July 27, 2021 by Kathy DeMey (3:02 PM)