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Past Controversies, Present Insights

Past Controversies, Present Insights

Dr. Will Katerberg, Curator of Heritage Hall, (which includes the archives of the Christian Reformed Church [CRC]), recently launched a new series in The Banner, the official magazine of the CRC. It's titled "Past Controversies, Present Insights." 

Katerberg writes, "This summer I spent time thinking about the history of controversies in the Christian Reformed Church." He knows well what he writes about, being the son of a CRC pastor and having attended faith-based schools much of his life. When Katerberg was a young adult, his high school forbade dancing, (a contentious issue in the CRC until 1982), and during his college years the church struggeld with women in office and evolution.

In addition to recommending the entire Banner series "Past Controversies, Present Insights," we'd like to remind you that the aforementioned Heritage Hall is in the library on the main floor. It is a rich repository of historical information on the history of the CRC and the Dutch in West Michigan and houses the archives of Calvin University and Calvin Seminary. Anyone wanting to do research on past hot-button issues in the CRC would do well to dig into the resources there. 

- Posted October 15, 2021 by Kathy DeMey (4:56 PM)