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What do library research consultants do?

What do library research consultants do?

Stuck on finding a good starting point for your research paper that’s due a week from now? Hekman’s Library Research Consultants (LRCs) are here to help. These students work at the Research Desk on the main floor and are available to assist with basic questions, such as how to find books on a certain subject, where to go to renew your book or get a reserve item, which database to use for a paper, and much more. They are instructed to refer more complex, indepth questions to librarians who are on call and within easy reach. In the evenings from 6pm-10pm the LRCs work alone at the desk. 

Our five LRCs attend training sessions every other week to learn more skills and research strategies and to stay informed about new library acquisitions.

Pictured here is Ruan Bessa, Ph.D. student in moral theology at Calvin Seminary. Ruan is from Canoas, Brazil. Some of his hobbies are playing soccer, piano and drinking wine with friends.

- Posted November 19, 2021 by Kathy DeMey (3:51 PM)