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'Fierce, Fictional Librarians'

'Fierce, Fictional Librarians'

Hekman librarians are really here for you. Although we relish reading about fictional librarians - some of them librarians by day and superheroes by night - we're real people who offer students and others help in "real time" and when you need it.

For example, one morning librarian Francene Lewis discovered four questions waiting for her in our Ask a Librarian queue. They ranged in difficulty from help with research on the lessons and morals in the Bluebeard story, (in French and English), to advice about how to repair a highly valued book. 

Maybe you didn't know that librarians are trained to answer such widely varied questions. Now you know!

Please contact us via email, (when you don't need an immediate answer), text, (616-214-3355), live chat from our homepage, or by coming to the research desk on the library's main floor. You can also set up a research appointment with a librarian.

As librarian Barbara Gordon (Bat Girl) says, "[We're] smart enough for anything you throw at [us]!"

- Posted February 18, 2022 by Kathy DeMey (11:05 AM)