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'Van Gogh in America' First of Its Kind

'Van Gogh in America' First of Its Kind

The Detroit Institute of Arts is home to a exhibit of 75 of Van Gogh's works from public and private collections all over the world. It runs through January 22. 

Van Gogh in America is the largest-scale Van Gogh exhibition in America in a generation, featuring paintings, drawings, and prints. Visitors can wander through the defining moments, people, and experiences that introduced Van Gogh to America to widespread acclaim.

The most popular work in the exhibition is the last one - Starry Night (1888). It might not be the one that you are thinking of! (There are reputedly 21 in the series). 

The Hekman Library has a Van Gogh section. You can find it on the 5th floor with call number ND653. Some newer titles:


- Posted December 13, 2022 by Kathy DeMey (4:01 PM)