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January Series 2023

January Series 2023

January Series 2023 is nearly here! It opens on the 9th with Sara Hendren ("What can the body do?")

One of our librarians has collected some books authored by January Series speakers. You can find this display in the middle of the 2nd (main) floor. Any of these books may be checked out. Hendren has written a book with the same title as her presentation: What Can a Body Do? How We Meet the Built World

Monica Guzman follows with a talk about how to be curious about others' viewpoints in our often perilously divided times (I Never Thought of It That Way)

The January Series speakers can be listened to in person or on demand. And there are many locations (even outside of the U.S.) where one can go to hear the presentations. 


- Posted January 04, 2023 by Kathy DeMey (7:53 PM)