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CRC Human Sexuality Report

  Posted 05/25/22 by Kathy DeMey (10:12 AM)
Research guide provides access to key documents Read more

Calvin Digital Commons Launched!

  Posted 04/04/22 by Kathy DeMey (11:51 AM)
An IR to showcase Calvin authors and creators in all disciplines Read more

College Survival 101

  Posted 11/19/21 by Kathy DeMey (1:32 PM)
Recommended resources during a stressful time Read more

Calvin Joins New Reciprocal Borrowing Program

  Posted 11/09/21 by Kathy DeMey (5:08 PM)
With 130 participating member institutions in U.S. and Canada Read more

Coffee, Anyone?

  Posted 09/08/21 by Kathy DeMey (10:53 AM)
You may have a long wait depending on when you come! Read more

Copyright Can Work For You

  Posted 07/27/21 by Kathy DeMey (3:02 PM)
Know your rights and limitations as creators and users Read more

Celebrating National Poetry Month

  Posted 03/29/21 by Kathy DeMey (4:53 PM)
Find poetry by young(er) poets at Hekman Library Read more

Careful and Thoughtful Web Evaluation

  Posted 01/11/21 by Kathy DeMey (5:19 PM)
One author advocates the journalistic model Read more

Check out the Post-Reformation Digital Library

  Posted 10/20/20 by Kathy DeMey (11:01 AM)
to learn more about the Reformation and its influence Read more

Change the Subject

  Posted 09/21/20 by Kathy DeMey (10:57 AM)
Dartmouth students change the immigration debate Read more

Cycle Into Summer

  Posted 05/15/19 by Kathy DeMey (4:48 PM)
Hekman Library supports the cycling community Read more

Coffee and Cookies - Perfect Study Break

  Posted 05/02/19 by Kathy DeMey (6:45 PM)
Compliments of the librarians Read more

Celebrate National Library Week

  Posted 03/31/19 by Kathy DeMey (9:42 AM)
Come to these fun events at Hekman, April 8-12 Read more

Chess Set for Calvin College

  Posted 03/25/19 by Kathy DeMey (2:44 PM)
Created by a student in our CPI program Read more

Conrad and Delores Bult Children's Lit Collection

  Posted 02/07/19 by Kathy DeMey (6:26 PM)
Acquired by Hekman Library for reading and research Read more

Cochrane Library for Health Professionals

  Posted 11/09/18 by Kathy DeMey (2:59 PM)
Reliable, unbiased research for solid decision making Read more

Cereal, Nautilus, and Kinfolk

  Posted 10/16/18 by Kathy DeMey (6:36 PM)
Requested by Dialogue staff and now available for browsing Read more

Christian Reformed Church Synod Gathers

  Posted 06/05/18 by Kathy DeMey (10:48 AM)
Sources to help you sort out synodical decisions & discussions Read more

Calvin College Press

  Posted 03/09/18 by Kathy DeMey (3:28 PM)
Christian perspectives on contemporary topics Read more

City-Wide Celebration of the Reformation

  Posted 09/29/17 by Kathy DeMey (12:58 PM)
Lots of events coming up in October and November Read more
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