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Have a Date With a Book

  Posted 02/20/23 by Kathy DeMey (11:24 AM)
You might discover something new to love! Read more

Hekman Holiday Hours

  Posted 12/02/22 by Sarah Kolk (10:24 AM)
December into January Read more

Have You Walked in Another's Shoes?

  Posted 07/07/22 by Kathy DeMey (2:17 PM)
Check out the shoes and see if you can ID the country Read more

Holiday Movies and Books to Celebrate the Season

  Posted 12/16/21 by Kathy DeMey (5:21 PM)
Feaaturing Cayvan and Recreational Reading collections Read more

Holiday Choices to Lighten Your Mood

  Posted 12/01/21 by Kathy DeMey (2:21 PM)
Check out our displays on the 2nd floor Read more

Hekman Marks Hispanic Heritage Month

  Posted 09/30/21 by Kathy DeMey (11:26 AM)
Check out our Diversity Readings guide! Read more

Hekman Library's Lively Floor

  Posted 09/03/21 by Kathy DeMey (10:56 AM)
Our main (noisiest) floor buzzes with activity Read more

Hekman Library Opens on August 18

  Posted 08/13/21 by Kathy DeMey (1:08 PM)
Just a few days later than previously announced Read more

Hekman Happenings

  Posted 08/10/21 by Kathy DeMey (11:15 PM)
Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to find out Read more

How Do I Love Thee, Hekman Library?

  Posted 02/08/21 by Kathy DeMey (1:25 PM)
Let me count the ways... Read more

Here for Your Research Needs This Summer

  Posted 06/03/20 by Kathy DeMey (11:00 AM)
Our live reference service is staffed by librarians, not bots! Read more

Hekman Library Closed to All Except Essential Staff

  Posted 03/16/20 by Kathy DeMey (11:13 AM)
Find out how we continue to support your academic work Read more

Happening at Hekman in December

  Posted 12/03/19 by Kathy DeMey (3:49 PM)
Display with seasonal movies, faculty publications, and more Read more

Hekman welcomes campers from Cook Arts Center

  Posted 07/02/18 by Kathy DeMey (11:45 AM)
54 children, ages K-12, enjoyed a field trip to the library Read more

Historical Newspapers from ProQuest

  Posted 06/26/18 by Kathy DeMey (3:42 PM)
New York Times with Index, 1851-2014 Read more

Happy Publication Day, Shakespeare's Sonnets...

  Posted 05/11/18 by Kathy DeMey (5:43 PM)
whether pirated or not! Read more

Hekman Receives Valuable Donations

  Posted 04/27/18 by Kathy DeMey (2:37 PM)
Calvin luminaries Wolterstorff and Plantinga donate books Read more

Happy Christmas to You from Hekman Library!

  Posted 12/20/17 by Kathy DeMey (10:56 AM)
2nd floor gets into the mood of the season Read more

History of Scholarly Communication

  Posted 09/21/17 by Kathy DeMey (5:05 PM)
Advances in Open Access to Information Read more

Hekman librarians attend Mi-ALA...

  Posted 05/24/17 by Kathy DeMey (9:41 AM)
...and hear Emily Drabinski on 'Critical Librarianship' Read more
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