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Professor Debra Rienstra's Refugia Faith

  Posted 07/15/22 by Kathy DeMey (2:56 PM)
Encourages people of faith to be healers of the earth Read more

Prof. Vander Bie's Students Showcase Their Work

  Posted 04/27/22 by Kathy DeMey (10:52 AM)
at a 'Poster Party' in the library Read more

PubMed Central Gets an Update

  Posted 03/25/22 by Kathy DeMey (11:03 AM)
Completely redesigned and reorganized homepage Read more

Past Controversies, Present Insights

  Posted 10/15/21 by Kathy DeMey (4:56 PM)
Curator of Archives opens a new Banner series Read more

Paul Fields Retires

  Posted 05/24/21 by Kathy DeMey (2:16 PM)
Theological Librarian and Curator Read more

Picking Up Your Materials at the Library

  Posted 03/17/20 by Kathy DeMey (10:44 AM)
Check out this video! Read more

Posters Retell the Reformation Story

  Posted 10/30/19 by Kathy DeMey (3:41 PM)
Fields and Maag bake cookies Read more

Prankishness Showcased in Chimes Spoofs

  Posted 09/25/19 by Kathy DeMey (1:52 PM)
Denominational 'Enquirer,' Chosen 'People' and more Read more

Peet's Coffee Shop - When?

  Posted 02/19/19 by Kathy DeMey (3:53 PM)
Target date beginning of fall semester 2019 Read more

Project Muse for Scholarly Articles and Books

  Posted 11/01/18 by Kathy DeMey (1:04 PM)
Focusing on the humanities and social sciences Read more

Playing Games in Class With Librarians

  Posted 10/17/18 by Kathy DeMey (1:23 PM)
Search & Destroy for FIT students! Read more

Paul Schrader's First Reformed Out in Theaters

  Posted 06/04/18 by Kathy DeMey (5:42 PM)
Director revisits his Calvinist roots Read more

Peer Research Assistants (RDAs)

  Posted 03/13/18 by Kathy DeMey (12:01 PM)
RDAs work with librarians to provide reliable research help Read more

Pre-History to the Present: Core Databases

  Posted 09/07/17 by Kathy DeMey (10:37 AM)
America History & Life and Historical Abstracts Read more

PsycINFO for Behavioral and Social Science Research

  Posted 04/10/17 by Kathy DeMey (2:12 PM)
More than 4 million records and 4,000 added weekly! Read more

Preserving History Before a New President Takes Office

  Posted 12/21/16 by Kathy DeMey (12:17 PM)
Material posted by federal agencies sent off to an archive Read more

Politicians Caricatured

  Posted 08/04/16 by Kathy DeMey (10:42 AM)
The Sacrilegious Candidate Read more

Probing Pluto

  Posted 08/03/15 by Kathy DeMey (10:26 AM)
In light of new discoveries, we revisit the ex-planet Read more

Professors Who Love the Library

  Posted 02/12/14 by Kathy DeMey (12:18 PM)
Calvin professors tell what they value most about Hekman Library Read more

Paper Book Use @ Calvin

  Posted 04/02/13 by Glenn Remelts (3:42 PM)
The physical book is very much alive at Calvin! Read more
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