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Format Identification Exercise

Interpreting Citations & WebCat Records

Research databases contain more than journal articles. Learning how to read these records will save time during your research. Understanding the numerous clues contained in WebCat records will make locating material faster and easier.


  • Work in pairs
  • Display the citations on one monitor and search WebCat on the other workstation.
  • Identify the type of each source represented by the citation.
  • If owned by Calvin (search WebCat), identify the collection or floor that contains the source.
  • Finally, in what format(s) can the source be found, i.e., paper, microform, electronic.

Type of Source

  • Book
  • Book Chapter
  • Conference Paper
  • Government Document
  • Journal Article
  • Newspaper
  • Pamphlet
  • VideoCassette



Search WebCat. Identify the floor or collection for this source



In what format(s) can the source be found


Citation 6