Journal Ordering

There are three ways departments can add new journals to the Hekman Library’s collection.

  1. (Not applicable for 2010-2011) If the annual subscription for a journal is less than $125, the journal will be added to the library’s collection without condition. Only two requests per year per department are allowed.  
  2. If the journal is more than $125, the department will be asked to cancel journals of nearly equal value. All requests for new journals and requests to cancel journals should have the approval of the entire department. The chair of the department should communicate the desires of the department.   
  3. During the "new course" process established by the college. If specific journals are included in the proposal submitted to the Education Policy Committee, and the course is approved by the Faculty Senate, then new funds are used to cover the cost of those journals. For more information, contact the chair of EPC or the library director, or read more about the significance of the library’s role in new course proposals.

Direct all questions or concerns to your department’s librarian.