Linking to Subject and Class Guides

Hekman librarians have produced Subject and Class Guides to assist the novice researcher to find useful research tools and sources. To link to one of these guides, locate the relevant guide and copy and paste the address into your course page.

Linking to Research Databases

If you have an assignment that requires the use of a specific research database, you can link to that database's search interface directly from Moodle. To find the URL for the database, find the database on our list of research databases and copy and paste the URL found there.


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Do not use the URL listed in the address bar when you are viewing the search interface of the research database.

Linking to Articles in Research Databases

Linking to electronic articles, rather than downloading and uploading, by-passes copyright restrictions (since you are not "downloading" an article). However, not all research databases offer this option. Talk with your department's librarian  if you have questions about this.

After arriving at the page containing the full-text article, look for a clue that will allow you to create a persistent or permanent link. There is no consistency, so look for "copy", "email" "bookmark", "stable URL", "persistent link", etc. Do not use the URL that is displayed in the address bar when viewing the article.

To ensure that students off campus can access the article, the following string must be included before the persistent link.[insert the URL you found using the instructions above, including http://, here with no space after the "="]

Linking to the Library Catalog

The URL for the library's catalog is: Simply copy and paste this address into any Moodle page.

Linking to a List of Sources in the Library Catalog 

Custom searches can be designed so that predictable results display when the link is clicked. For example, suppose you want students to find books on the moral and ethical debate associated with stem cell research. This search leads them to a list of books in our library.

To create a link, enter a search into the library's catalog. When you are satisfied with the search results, copy and paste the address into a course page.

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