Dictionary of Concepts in Recreation and Leisure

This source is a primer that will serve both the beginner and the serious student as an introduction to major concepts in the field of recreation and leisure studies. Each of the approximately 100 entries, which are arranged alphabetically, contains four sections, the first of which is a brief definition of that concept's current usages, followed by the concept's origins in the context of the discipline. The third section of each entry contains citations for references used in the preceding section, and the fourth part lists sources of additional information.

The concepts included in the dictionary may be grouped into four general categories. The first of these include elemental concepts--those ideas that form the intellectual bedrock of the field. Then there are theoretical concepts- scholarly models or interpretations of the patterns and processes seen in recreation and leisure. Research and methodological concepts make up the third category, while the fourth includes professional concepts representing some of the basic ideas inherent in the service side of the field. Each definition is organized chronologically, emphasizing the evolution of the term and its interpretation or application. Definitions also point to links between concepts listed in the dictionary. Numerous references and suggestions for further reading are included for readers wishing to pursue a topic in more detail.

Available in print: GV11 .S57 1990