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Eldis Gateway to Development Information

Billed as "the gateway to development information", this robust site is hosted by the Institute of Development Studies and co-funded by government agencies in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Norway. "We focus on materials which are of strategic, policy or practical interest for development practitioners based in both the North and South. The target audience includes development professionals, donor agency staff, policy-makers, NGOs, researchers, students, information workers, journalists and development-focused web-service providers." The purpose of the site is to provide information that is free and web or e-mail based. Country profiles are provided gratis for Africa South of Sahara, Middle East & North Africa, East Asia & Pacific, South Asia, and Latin America & the Caribbean. Profiles include information on each of the following sectors: Health, Education , Gender , Agriculture, Trade and Finance, Governance, Environment, Poverty, Food security & emergencies, and Aid and debt. Current news and websites for additional information on each country are also provided.