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Woman's Work for Woman

This collection of microfilm is actually comprised of the following journal titles. At present, there is no finding aid available to search the contents of these journal titles besides the index included at the beginning of each volume on the microfilm itself.

Woman's Work for Woman, 1871-1885
Woman's Work for Woman featured articles by and about women missionaries in America and abroad. Typical issues included excerpts from letters written by women missionaries abroad, lists of donations, fund-raising, calls for volunteers, news from the American Northwest, and brief pieces devoted to children.

Woman's Work: A Foreign Mission's Magazine, 1885-1924
This magazine resulted from a merger of Woman's Work for Woman and Our Mission Field in December 1885. Remaining in production until 1924, this periodical included additional articles on missionary outposts. Contents include excerpts from letters written by missionaries, notes on North American missions, and feature articles on foreign peoples; typical topics are Brazilian fruit vendors, a child's funeral in Colombia, and use of opium by Chinese women.

Women and Missions, 1924-1946
Women and Missions was formed from the union of Woman's Work: A Foreign Mission's Magazine and Home Mission Monthly in 1924, and addressed domestic and foreign missionary activities. Typical issues included letters, editorials, administrative news, obituaries, statistics, and book reviews. Women and Missions was published until 1946.

For some additional reading, consult Women’s Words and Where to Find Them from the Library of Congress.